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Recent Developments in Vehicle Emission Test Trust Fund

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First NVQ certificate ceremony

On March 30, 2023, the first NVQ certificate ceremony was held to present NVQ credentials to technicians who perform vehicle emission testing.

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Capacity building programme for traffic police officers on Vehicle Emission Testing programme

Recently VET conducted a training and capacity building programme for traffic police officers

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Awareness programme for media officers held on 2023.02.14 on vehicle emission testing programme

VET conducted awareness programme for media officers on 2023.02.14 at Savsiripaya Auditorium

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Public awareness on VET programme in siyatha TV morning programme on 09.05.2023

Public awareness on VET programme in siyatha TV morning programme on 09.05.2023.

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On road vehicle emission testing at bastian mawatha to identify

The VET project office conducts On road Vehicle Emission Testing at Bastian Mawatha.

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Felicitation ceremony for the pioneering members of the VET programme

The VET office organized and conducted Felicitation ceremony for the pioneering members of the VET programme

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Capacity building training for garage technicians in matara on 2023.02.26

Training programme for garage technicians was conducted in matara on 2023.02.26

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4th celebration of the International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies

VET trust fund collaborated with the Air Resource Management division of the Ministry of Environment to mark the "Nil Ahasa 2023".

Why It Is Important
To Do Emission Testing?

The Internal Combustion Engine is a device that converts fuel energy into usable kinetic energy for transportation. A well-functioning engine produces CO2, SOx, NOx, H2O, and energy through fuel combustion with ambient air. Poor combustion leads to increased emission of hydrocarbons and CO, seen as black smoke. Vehicle emission testing helps assess engine performance. Higher emissions mean more fuel waste, air pollution, disease risks, and financial loss. Emission test results provide early insights into vehicle condition for owners.

What is VET Trust Fund?

The VET Trust Fund is the exclusive regulatory authority overseeing the Vehicle Emission Testing Programme and Its primary objective is the enhancement and regulation of Sri Lanka's vehicle emission testing initiative. Notably, the VET Fund plays a pioneering role in advancing air quality management within the country with a collaboration of partner organizations. VET fund provides crucial support for research and projects aimed at elevating ambient air quality and optimizing traffic management. This mission is facilitated by a central project office located at the Department of Motor Traffic in Narahenpita. The project office operates under the guidance of the Cabinet-approved AirMac committee, further underscoring its strategic and authoritative approach.

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Center Inspection
Road Side Emission
Spotter Programme
Public awareness
Our Programmes

Regular VET center inspections are carried out by VET office staff to ensure quality and accountability.

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Road Side
Emission Testing

Random roadside vehicle emission tests and awareness are carried out by
VET office staff.

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High smoky vehicles
are detected from

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The VET office conducts the emission testing
of vehicle fleets belongs to
tri forces every year.

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Air Quality Status
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