Department of Motor Traffic Welcome to Vehicle Emission Testing programme

Our objectives
tick To establish and maintain a project office in the Department to facilitate the operation of the fund.
tick To implement an efficient and effective monitoring and Evaluation programme to effectively implement the purpose of the Act
tick To develop necessary infrastructure to obtain emission testing equipment and such other equipment required for the execution of the VET monitoring programme
tick To obtain services interalia of technical advisors, consultants and other staff including a Secretary and Accountant to the trust required for the effective implementation of programmes associated with the Trust and Management of the Trust.
tick To provide and develop facilities necessary for the effective functioning of the VET Monitoring programme.
tick To improve Traffic Management or Road Safety Activities that would facilitate the effectively implementation f the objects and purposes of the trust.
tick To monitor and conduct activities that would facilitate air quality improvements which will in turn result in reduced health risks and improved general living conditions inter alia to the public.
tick Supreme Court Application 569/98-by a citizen of Sri Lanka requesting to take measures to mitigate urban air pollution by vehicles and to introduce vehicle emission standards bus
tick Bench of 5 Supreme court Judges – Argued 15.10.1999  - Decided on 02.11.1999 and an order was given to the Minister of Environment to introduce vehicle emission standards
tick Extra ordinary gazette No.1137/35 published in  23th June 2000 –in use Vehicle Standards, Fuel Standards and importation standards and the Commissioner General Empowered to establish vehicle emission testing centers
tick Air Resource management center was established with all the key stake holders related to air resources and meetings were commenced in 2001. With the survey carried out in 2002 it was found that Existing standards of the in use vehicles were far below the published standards. So that conducted workshops/ seminars / discussions at the AirMAC meeting to finalize the standards for in use vehicles then the reviewed standards were published - Extra ordinary gazette No.1295/11 of 30th June 2003 logo
tick Preparation the document of the requests for proposal  and calling of proposals for the establishment of vehicle inspection centers were done in year the 2003 - Advertisement for the request for proposal Negotiation of Project agreements by the Cabinet Appointed Negotiation Committee and the Project Committee. ecosri
tick Award of the Contract to the selected contractors Cleanco Lanka Pvt Ltd & Laugfs Eco Sri Pvt Ltd in 2005 and Approval wass given to sign the Agreement 2007 Signing of the Contract drivegreen
tick 2008.11. 17 - Commencement of VET Programme within Western Province. bus
tick 2008.11.26 - Agricultural Land Vehicles were released from above programme.
tick 2009.03.06– brand new vehicle vehicles were exempted for three years from the date of registration but it was reduced to one year in the year 2011.02.01
tick 2009.06.22 - Commenced the VET programme in Central, Sothern and North Central Provinces
tick 2009.12.15 Implementation in Uva, Sabaragamuwa and North Western Province
tick 2011.02.01 - Brand new  vehicles are exempted only one  year  from the date of registration  
tick 2011.07.01 Implementation in Eastern Province  
tick 2013.06.03 Implementation in Northern Province