Department of Motor Traffic Welcome to Vehicle Emission Testing programme

Board of Trustees
  • Vehicle Emission Test Trust Fund established after obtaining the approval from the Cabinet of Ministers.
  • Cabinet approval was also granted to appoint a Board of Trustees to administer the fund, establish a Project Management Office (PMO) at the DMT and appoint an appropriate staff, obtain the required instructions and services from the AirMAC committee, and convert the PMO to a sub department responsible for vehicle emission testing once the programme achieves sustainability.
  • A deed of Trust has been signed between Secretary, Ministry of Finance with Board of Trustees comprising of five Trustees They are follows:
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Mr.S.R.Attygalle Mr. Nihal Somaweera Mr. Udaya R. Seneviratne Ms. D.M.A. Harasgama Mr. A.H.K. Jagath Chandrasiri
Chairman Member Member Member Member
Deputy Secretary to the Treasury Secretary, Ministry of Transport & Civil Aviation Secretary, Mahaweli Development & Environment Director General, State Accounts Commissioner General of Motor Traffic
VET Project Management Office (PMO) at DMT
  The Commissioner General of Motor Traffic coordinates the monitoring and control of VET programme as stated in RFP through a Project Management Office (PMO) established at the DMT and a project staff recruited for PMO. PMO is headed by a Project Director who reports to the CGMT.
  Mr. A.W. Dissanayake - Project Director
  Mr. Weerasooriya - Assistant Director (Admin., Quality Control & Training)