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Resources For Download
Research Reports
Air Pollution Exposure Levels To Pedestrians And Commuters Download
Annual Report 2017 NBRO Download
Assessment Of Air Quality And Carcinogenic Capacity Download
Minimum Standard For Road Conditions During Road Rehabilitation For Optimizing Energy, Environment And Economic Impacts Download
Experimental mapping of Ultra-Fine Particle incidence in roadside urban schools Download
Nature Environment and Pollution Technology - An International Quarterly Scientific Journal Download

Policies and Other Documents
Clean Air 2000 Action Plan(CA2AP) Download
Clean Air 2025 Action Plan(CA2AP) Download
National Policy on Air Quality Management Download
National Environmental (Air Emission, Fuel and Vehicle Importation Standards) Regulations Download
Legal Provisions for the Motor Traffic Act Download
Updated National Determine contribution plan Download
National Environmental (Vehicle Horns) Regulations, No. 1 of 2011 Download
No: 1295/11 dated 30/06/2003 Air Emission. Fuel and Vehicle importation Download
Standards Regulations published in Gazette Extraordinary No: 1137/35 dated 23/06/2000 is herby rescinded. Download
No: 1557/14 dated 09.07.2008 Air Emission. Fuel and Vehicle Importation Standards Regulation published in Gazette Extraordinary No 1295/11 dated 30/06/2003 is herby amended. Download
Ambient Air Quality Regulation, No.850/4 dated 20/12/1994 is hereby amended by Gazette Extraordinary No.1562/22 dated 15/08/2008 Download
Amended Regulations published under the Gazette Notification No. 1887/20 dated 05.11.2014 with the corrected Gazette Notification No. 1895/43 dated 02.01.2015 Download
Amended Regulations published under the Gazette Notification 1295/ 11 dated 30.06.2003 is hereby amended by Gazette Extraordinary No 2079/42 dated 12.07.2018 Download
VET Request For Proposal Download
Court Order for the Fundamental Rights Petition bearing SLFR 569-98 Download
Roadworthiness Test Article in Daily Mirror Download