Department of Motor Traffic Welcome to Vehicle Emission Testing programme

Testing Procedure and Request for Proposals(RFP) Requirments
  • The compliance of Vehicular Emission Standards in terms of gazette notification No. 1295/11 – June 30, 2003, cited as National Environment (Air Emission, Fuel and Vehicle Importation Standards) Regulations No. 1 of 2003, has come into effect from July 01, 2003. Accordingly, all classes of vehicles should obtain a Vehicle Emission Certificate from an Accredited Emission Testing Center prior to the renewal of the Annual Revenue License.
  • All the programmes conducted that have been helpful in keeping the VET programme keep on track with the RFP requirements by executing the supervision function stated in Request for Proposals(RFP).

Testing Process & Procedure


Request for Proposals(RFP) Requirments



  • In accordance with Government Tender Procedure competitive sealed proposals are called with the Request for proposals.
  • This was the initial document developed in 2003 for the interested parties either local or foreign partiesfor the commencement of vehicle emissions testing programme in island-wide.
  • The objective  of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is the operation of Sri Lanka’s periodic vehicle emissions testing programme.
  • The program identifies vehicles which exceed applicable emission standards, requires repair of the cause of the failure, and requires that a failing vehicle passes a retest before it can be given the annual revenue licence by the licensing authority.