Department of Motor Traffic Welcome to Vehicle Emission Testing programme

All the programmes conducted that have been helpful in keeping the VET programme keep on track with the RFP requirements by executing the supervision function stated in Request for Proposals(RFP). In addition the Roadside emission testing programme and the Spotter programme give the message to the public and vehicle owners regarding the requirement of continuous maintenance of the vehicle, the legal requirement, offence and the punishment for not complying with the vehicle owners and the public.



Center Inspection

  The VET Center Inspections are conducted inorder to monitor the service of VET Centers established in all over the country. This will help to improve the service of the VET centers and provide a quality service to the customers. The VET Center Inspection was conducted with the assistance of the authorized personnel’s from DMT, Air MAC, CEA.



Road Side Emission Testing Programme

  Roadside emission testing is required to ensure that vehicle owners make a continuous effort to maintain the emission levels low throughout once obtained the emission certificates. It also helps to discourage vehicle owners to obtain the emission certificate in fraudulent ways since they would be caught on the road. Roadside emission testing is generally recognized in any vehicle inspection and maintenance programme.
This programme has been recognized as a component of the VET programme that needs to be conducted regularly according to a plan. AirMAC and DMT are conducting the programme on random basis in an ad hoc manner with the available equipment at AirMAC and DMT. Separate Partners of AirMAC including DMT and Traffic Police assist conduct these programmes. The VET Project Office has commenced road side testing programme at district level. 



Spotter Programme

  In the Spotter programme, both DMT and AirMAC officials’ spot vehicles emitting heavy smoke and inform the owners of the vehicles through Commissioner of Motor Traffic to bring the vehicle to DMT since his vehicle has been spotted with heavy smoke. VET Fund offcie staff also conducts spotter programmes to spot belching vehicles. The owners of the vehicles are informed that their vehicles have been spotted with high smoke in particular locations and asked to bring the vehicles to DMT for an emission check, and in case of failure to report, action would be taken to blacklist their vehicles under the powers vested in Commissioner of Motor Traffic under the Motor Traffic Act.
The spotter programme is conducted at present in the Western Province. In addition, the general public has also been asked to inform the DMT if they see vehicles plying on the roads with heavy smoke. Spotter programme is effective for diesel vehicles since smoke is visible. However, for petrol vehicles, this is not very effective since the petrol exhaust gases are not visible.



Public awareness programmes

  VET project office has conducted several public awareness programmes among Environmental Police officers, Army, Navy & Air force officers about the VET programme.
Creation of newspaper, TV and radio advertisements regarding the program was very helpful to create awareness among public.